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Merry Christmas to you all and we wish you a very happy and safe holiday.

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Term 2, 2020

  • Mon 18 May           School re-open
  • Tues 26 May           BoT Meeting 5pm
  • Tues 23 June           BoT Meeting
  • Fri 3 July                  End of Term 2


Sports News
This week we have started up some winter sport team trainings using School staff and students to take the sessions and will be having further teams start training next week.
College Sport Auckland have advised that the majority of the winter codes for Year 9 and 10 will begin competition in the week of the 15th of June with competitions being run through until the end of August/ beginningof September.
Most Year 7 and 8 winter competitions will start at the beginning of term 3 and play for 10 weeks. 
Students that are registered for any of the winter codes will be contacted with further details as they are available.
Understandably we have had a few withdrawals for winter sport, so we are looking for some additional players for teams. If there are any students that haven’t registered already but are interested and can commit to training and playing every week please contact Mrs Monkton:
We are particularly looking for players for these codes:
Basketball – Year 9 and 10 girls
Hockey – Year 9 and 10 boys and girls 
NZ AIMS Games cancelled
We were advised on Tuesday evening that the organisers of the NZ AIMS Games made the decision to cancel the tournament for 2020. We understand that this is disappointing for particularly the Year 8s, but with it being such a massive event they had to make the decision now for all involved. We look forward to returning in 2021.
Sport Contact:
If you have any queries about sport, please contact Jo Monkton 
Phone: 09 415 5473 extn: 605
Facebook: AJHS Sport
Insta: ajhs_sport
Congratulations to Miwa Bartley (9T3) 
Miwa won first prize in the intermediate age group in the category of  a sewing machine made article, at the Kumeu show 2020 .
Miwa submitted her Year 8 fabric project. It was a bag specially designed for her roller skates
Well Done Miwa! 
Making Sundials at Home
During lockdown, some students studying astronomy were looking at the patterns on earth caused by the sun. To kick things off, and to give them some learning to do around the home, we made sundials to  help to teach the steps of good science in the observation and analysis. It also gave my students something to consider as they imagined a world before watches or clocks. Students really did some great work,  with some producing clear photos of their sundials, a few making time-lapses, and one student-father duo even made a video parody of a motion picture about their sundial.
Based on how students responded to their sundial observations, it was great to see how such a simple tool could tell us so much about the movement of the sun 
Year 9 Mandarin Class
In the Year 9 Mandarin class and Friday Programme class, we had two Martial Art (Wushu) online workshops with New Zealand Wushu Martial Art Organisation funded by the Asia New Zealand Foundation last Friday.
Here are some students’ reflection on this special lesson:
 “I learned about Chinese Martial Art culture and its values.”;  
“I learned that there are two versions ( traditional and modern ) I also learned some moves, self-defense, and stances. I also learned some history of martial arts.”;
 “I enjoyed practising martial arts because of the interactivity. Everyone was included and it was detailed. It gave you a view from both sides to help make sure you have executed the stance/move correctly.”; 
“I liked how we learned about some basic wushu techniques which are good for self-defence and is also good for my physical well-being”

Congratulations to Yena Elamurugu  who placed third in a nationwide  Kiwi Kids short story competition over the lockdown.   Well done Yena!


Mr Linden’s Library

Rhea Bone’s eyes flickered open. The sun’s golden fingers tousled her hair, and a beaming face appeared. It was her mother.

“Happy thirteenth birthday, Rhea!” Rhea slowly sat up. Adrenaline filled her petite body. Her porcelain features broke into a wide grin.“Thanks, Mum!” She threw the lilac covers off her carved bed and raced downstairs.“Happy birthday, Rhea.” Gregory Bone, her father, smiled at her. “Thanks, Dad!” Hoisting her ebony black hair into a ponytail, she rushed out of the rickety wooden house. Rhea sped down the cracked pavement and arrived breathless at Mr. Linden’s Library.

“Ah, Miss Bone,” came the soft voice of Mr. Linden.“Hey, Mr. L” greeted Rhea.

“As I promised, now that you are thirteen you are allowed to read from the restricted section. But under one condition: never are you allowed to read the last page of a book, or dreadful things will happen.” Rhea, a huge fan of books, was too excited to hear the ominous tone of his voice.

Rhea was captivated by the magic of the story. She read the whole book, but she stopped before the last page. Curiosity nibbled at her. What would happen if she read it? Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore. Pushing her conscience aside, she flipped the last page and immersed herself in. She finished it and waited for a long tense moment. Nothing happened. Rhea sighed a sigh of relief. She sank into her fluffy pillow and let sleep claim her.  

A sliver of sunlight crept through the gossamer curtains of Rhea’s room and danced on top of her. Groggily she sat up, and almost fell out of her bed as she was met with an alarming sight. Lush green vines snaked across the floor in all directions, slithering up the walls and gliding across the ceiling. Rhea stared, open mouthed with astonishment. How did this happen? The answer was clear as her gaze fell on top of the book that she read last night, lying open with luscious vines flowing out of the spine. Of course! This was because she read the last page! Mr Linden had warned her. 

Suddenly, the words on the book changed. Instead of an enchanting story, there was now a poem. It read:

The vines contained by the last page 

Will come undone when the words reach an end.

A touch will turn you into stone

Unless you find the answer to this riddle:

A beam of light on wax will dispel the darkness.

Rhea made her way to her parents’ room, careful not to touch the vines. A horrible sight met her. Two ashen statues with terrified expressions, vines entangling their legs. Furious, Rhea wiped a tear away. She would solve that riddle. For her parents.  

Rhea scrunched her nose in confusion. A beam of light on wax? But good thing she was a master with riddles, since her parents decided she should solve one riddle per day. She knew the trick was to break it up. A beam of light. Rhea ran through the possible sources of light. Sun, moon, fire. That’s it! Fire! What fire did wax fuel? A candle! Light as a gazelle, she leapt through the toxic creepers and located the candle and matches. Rhea lit the candle with fumbling hands and waved it toward the vines. Instantly, they shrank back and shrivelled. 

Rhea created a pathway to her parents’ room and brandished the flame at the vines around the ankles of her parents. The grey drained from their faces and Rhea squeezed them into a hug. She went to step back, but her legs refused to move. Looking down, she saw a green tendril coiling around her legs, which were turning grey. Panic blossomed in her as the grey crackled up her torso, up her neck. Rhea gasped in a last breath and … She woke up.

By Yena Elamurugu, Year 8

1/4 PIZZA SLICE- Ham & Cheese                                                             $2.50
1/2 SANDWICH- Choose from: Ham, Chicken or Vege 
[with lettuce, mayo,cucumber, carrot and tomato]                                  $4.00
CHICKEN BURGER- with mayo, lettuce, tomato and carrot                     $5.00
BEEF BURGER- with mayo, lettuce, tomato and carrot                            $4.50
BLT- with mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato                                            $4.50
WHOLEMEAL ROLLS  – Choose from: Ham, Chicken or Vege
[with mayo,lettuce,carrot and tomato]                                                    $5.00
BACON & EGG ROLLS- with bacon and tomato sauce                           $4.50
WRAPS- Choose from: Ham, Chicken or Vege
[with tomato chutney, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & carrot]                 $5.50
NACHOS- with corn chips, minced beef and cheese                             $6.00
CHICKEN NUGGETS                                                                               $5.00


  • BUTTER CHICKEN                          $4.50
  • MINCE AND CHEESE                     $4.00
  • STEAK AND CHEESE                      $4.00
  • BACON N EGG                               $4.00

FRUIT SALAD                                                                                          $5.00
SUSHI                                                                                                      $6.00
CHICKEN ON RICE                                                                                  $5.00
STEAM BUNS                                                                                          $4.00
CHICKEN CURRY N ROTI                                                                        $6.00
CHICKPEA CURRY N RICE                                                                       $6.00

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