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Merry Christmas to you all and we wish you a very happy and safe holiday.

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Empower to Excel

Term 2, 2020

  • Tues 23 June           BoT Meeting
  • Wed 1 July              Mufti Day
  • Fri 3 July                  End of Term 2


Annual ICAS and Australia Maths Competitions


Australian Maths Competition    Thursday 30 July            $10.00  

Digital Technologies                    Monday 24 August        $20.00  

Science                                        Tuesday 18 August        $20.00

English (Y7/8 only)                      Tuesday 27 August        $20.00 

ICAS Mathematics                      Thursday 3 September   $20.00
If your child is interested in entering any of these upcoming competitions, please ask for an information newsletter with enrolment details from main or student reception from this Monday 15 June.
*Please take note of the competition closing dates to submit your child’s enrolment and payment to our accounts department.
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Update from the Health Clinic regarding

Alert Level 1

It’s fantastic news that NZ has moved to Level 1. The Ministry of Health advised that the risk of community transmission of COVID -19 is low. However it’s still important to keep in mind that COVID-19 is uncontrolled in many areas overseas, and we should not be complacent because COVID-19 can spread quickly if it re-emerges.

Please be vigilant and if your child is unwell, please keep them home from school. We know how frustrating it is to be called from work to collect an unwell child but we are obliged to send any students home who show any symptoms of a cold or flu.

Symptoms include:

  • a cough
  • a high temperature of at least 38°C
  • shortness of breath
  • sore throat
  • sneezing and runny nose 
  • temporary loss of smell.

These symptoms don’t necessarily mean you have COVID-19. The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu but it is important that you discuss this with your GP or Healthline on 0800 358 5453 to determine if you need testing.


Brigid Lamont  – Registered Nurse


Calling all students interested in entering this year’s EPRO8 Science and Engineering competition. I am entering 4 x Year 7/8 teams and 3 x Year  9/10 teams.

Check out the webpage for more information.

If you are interested or have any questions please email me ASAP. First come, first served.

Sports News
If you have any queries about sport, please contact Jo Monkton 
Phone: 09 415 5473 extn: 605
Facebook: AJHS Sport
Insta: ajhs_sport

Lunar Cycle Challenge

Some Year 7’s and 8’s participated in a Lunar Cycle challenge within Science this term, and there were some great designs.

 Congratulations to the following:

Year 7’s   [ – all from 7K21]

First place: Sunny Zhang, who presented an exquisite design made with artistic leaves.

Second place: Summer van den Berg, who had all of her classmates excited about receiving a cupcake each. The challenge was then for them to organise the lunar phases in the correct order per group before they were allowed to eat it. It was a great success; thank you for the great fun.

Third place: Glynn Hu, designed a beautiful paper presentation which can rotate to reveal each phase.

Fourth place: Skye Rostenberg, presented a stunning black and white linear design with clear labels – well done.


Year 8’s

First place: Marc Soehnel, 8K12, his interactive paper model is outstanding. He submitted a video clip to demonstrate how his model worked – excellent work!

Second place: Sienna Anglesey, 8RK17, who gave her moons a bit more personality by adding bikes, scooters and more – Such a beautiful design, well done!

Third place: Felix Gould, 8T12, designed a stunning artistic presentation where flowers show the different phases of the moon.

Well done to  Belle Sergeev of 8M12 who had been fundraising for Ronald McDonald House during the lockdown. 
She’s raised so far over $2,800 by dancing at least 120mins every day for the month of May. 
Fundraising was for Sydney RMHouse however Belle messaged them and requested she would join in only if it was possible the money raised was to be sent here to RMHNZ instead. They agreed and it was confirmed by RMCHNZ.
Dancers from across all of Australia have been fundraising. They have raised over $360,000 together. However since Belle started her page  one other dancer in NZ joined the fundraising. 
Well done to Belle and congratulations on the money raised for Ronald McDonald House here in NZ.

AJHS Uniform Shop



           Limitted Sizes and stock

                   In store only

       (No Online orders available)



         (no orders taken/available sorry)

1/4 PIZZA SLICE- Ham & Cheese                                                             $2.50
1/2 SANDWICH- Choose from: Ham, Chicken or Vege 
[with lettuce, mayo,cucumber, carrot and tomato]                                  $4.00
CHICKEN BURGER- with mayo, lettuce, tomato and carrot                     $5.00
BEEF BURGER- with mayo, lettuce, tomato and carrot                            $4.50
BLT- with mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato                                            $4.50
WHOLEMEAL ROLLS  – Choose from: Ham, Chicken or Vege
[with mayo,lettuce,carrot and tomato]                                                    $5.00
BACON & EGG ROLLS- with bacon and tomato sauce                           $4.50
WRAPS- Choose from: Ham, Chicken or Vege
[with tomato chutney, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & carrot]                 $5.50
NACHOS- with corn chips, minced beef and cheese                             $6.00
CHICKEN NUGGETS                                                                               $5.00


  • BUTTER CHICKEN                          $4.50
  • MINCE AND CHEESE                     $4.00
  • STEAK AND CHEESE                      $4.00
  • BACON N EGG                               $4.00

FRUIT SALAD                                                                                          $5.00
SUSHI                                                                                                      $6.00
CHICKEN ON RICE                                                                                  $5.00
STEAM BUNS                                                                                          $4.00
CHICKEN CURRY N ROTI                                                                        $6.00
CHICKPEA CURRY N RICE                                                                       $6.00

DRAMA in the PAC at AJHS each MONDAY with Pearl

  • Intermediate 5-6pm                                
  • College 6-7pm

 Serious FUN       

Ph:0800 736 766

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