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Teacher Only Day, Friday 31st July                                                                                                  Teacher Only Day, Friday 31st July

2021 Enrolment Information

Online enrolent applications will open from Tuesday 28th July, thank you.

Welcome to the online enrolment form for in zone and out of zone students. (You do not need to use the Username and Password Sign On area). Please email for any enrolment enquiries.

Before you begin: Please enter your typed responses in each field as appropriate. The application will not be received by the school until you have completed the form, attached the required documents and clicked on the Submitted button at the end of the last page.

Documents to be attached:

1. Copy of the student’s most recent school report (all applicants)

2. Copy of the student’s proof of identity and eligibility for state education (all applicants)

a. NZ citizen – copy of NZ birth certificate OR NZ passport OR NZ citizenship certificate

b. Australian citizen – copy of Australian passport

c. Citizen of other country – Copy of passport if the student and parent were born overseas with Residence/Work visa/stamp.

Note: Students who hold domestic student visas must bring their original passport for sighting at the time of interview.

3. Verification of in zone address (for in zone applicants only)

a. Own your home: two recent utility bills (power, contents insurance, landline/broadband) (Please note rates/water not accepted)

b. Rent your home: a tenancy agreement of at least 12 months duration PLUS one recent utility bill as above

Please Note: The School may request original copies of any documents that have been uploaded as part of the enrolment process.

A completed online application is not confirmation of enrolment at the AJHS.  

Compulsory forms to be uploaded with application